The freedom of expression – English report

The freedom of expression is one of the most important rights after the right of life. But why the freedom of expression so necessary? Because we need it in order to undestand diversity and differing prospectives and so to resolve conflicts; moreover the freedom of expression is necessary in order to be able to determine which ideas are the closest to the truth. Competition between ideas is needed to bring out all the relevant facts and arguments on any issue so that the most rational explanations can win out. the freedom of expression isn’t guaranteed everywhere. The worst situation are in China and Arab states. Here the individal opinion is seriously repressed by the body politic, often with violence and death too. Follow most of the East-Europe, Indian and Central America’s state, where we can find some kinds of oppressive governaments too: here the social situation is critical and the freedom of expression is obstructed for political porpouses. We might think that we are in a “liberal” state, where everyone can say his opinion, but it isn’t complately true: except in a few cases, in most of the western nation there isn’t a complete freedom of expression. How much discrimination is done between people with different opinions? Isn’t dangerous saying exactly what you think about something? The risk for the personal safety is lower in “modern states”, but the psicologucal violence is still permissible.

Finally, we notice that in the countries where a person can’t say something without being influenced or criticized by someone else, where he can’t think and do something without another person imposes some restrictive rules, the freedom of expression doesn’t exist. So the principal objective of all consists to diffuse this right because it is needed for the progress of civilization. Without the freedom of expression we became all equal, but the world s beautiful because it is manifold.

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