Making money with videogames

The online games marketplace is growing progressively and now exist many possibilities of making money with videogames. In this article i will explain some of them.


Uploading videos of your gameplays on youtube can be really remunerative, if you become only a it popular. You should try to be original in your videos: start thinking about what made famous the most important videogame’s youtuber and process the information that you have to create your own personality.

Here you can find information about the youtube partnership


Live streaming of videogames became a really nice way of monetizing your popularity on the “internet of videogames”. Like in youtube, you should be original in your videos. In this kind of making money, it’s important to don’t give up if the starting results are poor: the actual most famous youtubers weren’t so popular at the beginning.


You can review videogames in your personal website. You can also write guides and give tips to the readers. You can monetize the views of your site with advertiser like Google Adsense, or by shortening your URLs with a shortener service like AdFly. You can start with a free hosting service like Altervista and then, when you start getting result, moving to a private hosting service.


Thanks to the e-commerce sites, where is possible to sell almost everything on the web, it is possible to exchange money for game’s accounts and in-game features, oustide of the normal in-game payment system.

A player who wants to stop playing a game, can sell his account online. But usually this isn’t profitable in terms of time eployed for making an account attractive for a potential buyer. It’s needed a way of optimizing the time eployed in a game and the results obtained. Or you do it by yourself with an hard work, or you automate everything by using bots.

Bots are softwares that automate the games for lazy players 😉 You can find a lot of bots for various videogames at this sites:

If you want to sell accounts of a game, you should create random e-mails that you don’t care of, to use for registering on the online game. Selling in-game stuff is usually possible when it is implemented a way of exchanging objects and values into the game, like in most of the online MMORPG and MMOFPS games. When you have something to sell and a way to give it to another person/player, you just have to go on ebay and then make an auction with a full description of what are you selling, with images that confirms that you have the object. Always avoid to comunicate before the selling the name of the account that you’re using to do it. If you’re selling an account, after the selling you will have to send an email to the buyer where you’ll write the username and the password of the game account and the username and password of the e-mail account you used for the registration. If you’re selling in-game stuff, you will have to make arrangements with the buyer about the in-game exchange.


If you knows other way about making money with videogames or you have some questions, please write in the comment below 🙂



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