Improve your skills in a foreing language: 5 ways

In this brief guide i’ll speak about the possible way to improve your skills in a foreing language, written and spoken, outside of the school learning. You can apply this methods with almost every language.

Writing online articles

One way certainly rewarding to train your written skills in a language is starting an online blog (there are so many platforms that make it possible for free), and writing articles in the foreing language. Besides being useful to improve your skill,  it can let you make some money with the advertising (like what i’m doing in this site).


To travel and make vacation abroad allow you to put into practice your ability to speak foreing languages. You not necessarily have to go abroad to talk with people of other nationalities: you can find them by partecipating to big international events in your country, like concerts, sport challenges, manifestations, contests.

Training with friends/parents

Another way to improve your skills in a foreign language is speaking it daily with your friends and parents. Obviously you can do it after an agreement and only in the eventuality that those who are around you have a good knowledge of the language.

Set your electronic devices’ language in the language you want to improve

By changing the language of your smartphone you can improve your understanding skill in other context over the written/spoken. You can do this with smartphones, computers, navigators, ecc…

Watching films and videos in different languages with subtitles

Peraphs it is the most enjoyable way to improve your skills in a foreing language: trying to understand what is being said in a video in a youtube video or in a movie can greatly increases an individual’s ability of comprehension of a spoken language. At first, it will be difficult to get the meaning of what is said, so it is better to start with subtitled videos. Later, you’ll be able to remove the subtitles and understand almost everything.

This guide is still in evolution, ill try to update it in the future. If you have any suggestion, please write it in the comment section below 😀

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